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Maja Mazur
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We are delighted to announce a new competition! Are you interested in cryptocurrencies? If so, you have to read this article. You can win FuturoCoin (FTO) in our trading contest. Check the details below.

FuturoCoin is a dynamic cryptocurrency. There are tens of thousands of people, who have FTOs in their wallets. So, we have had a brainstorm and have come up with an idea of rewarding our most devoted traders. We are setting up the competition!

Easy coins to get

When you enter the crypto world, the possibilities are endless. You can make some money by trading currency. You can buy new coins and pay with them in various shops, restaurants, hotels and pretty much all over the internet.

You can also access the world of virtual currencies to win some coins. That’s what we’re going to do. Our contest is be simple, straightforward and very profitable.

We are thrilled to reveal our competition. The rivalry has started on November 30th at CoinDeal, a cryptocurrency exchange, where we are enlisted. The contest will last till December 14th, so every participant has two weeks to make as many trades as possible.

How to enter the game? First, you should register on CoinDeal. Then, your account has to be verified by the exchange. What’s next? Trade with FTO and win the great prize! It’s really that simple.

There is one catch, though. You just have to trade FuturoCoin for Bitcoin. Remember, you can trade FTOs with Euro, but if you want to take part in the competition, you have to trade on FTO/BTC market. The more you trade, the higher your odds are to win a lot of coins. If you trade the most FuturoCoins (the highest trading volume) in that span of time, you will win the highest prize.

Want to get free coins? Go and trade!!!

Many coins to win

What is the highest prize? The master of trading will win 200 FTOs!!!! For the second place there will be 125 FuturoCoins and whoever will take third place is going to win 75 coins! The total prize pool is 400 FTO.

If you don’t win, you shouldn’t be upset. There will be other competitions similar to this one. We will inform you if something new comes up.

FuturoCoin means future

To endure this fast growth of the crypto market, we developed our own e-currency – FuturoCoin (FTO). The cryptocurrency industry searches for faster and safer currencies. We are trying to answer to these needs. FTO’s objective is to remove any barriers in the crypto world that might limit the progress of the market.

Simply put, FuturoCoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system for instant transaction. We developed a coin which is user-friendly and secure. With our currency you don’t need any institution to settle the transactions.

Our coin is based on Dash code. We have similar values to Dash. We want to become an on-chain scalable currency. We are just faster and more secure than our precursor… and we give away free coins!

Details on the competition:

Start: 11.30.2018

End: 12.14.2018

Prize: 400 FTO
First place: 200 FTO
Second place: 125 FTO
Third place: 75 FTO

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