AirCanada Joins Blockchain-based Travel Platform

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On October 24th, AirCanada announced participation in a blockchain-based travel distribution platform created by Winding Tree. The swiss blockchain startup already cooperates with other big airlines to help them improve the distribution and increase sales.

Participation in blockchain

Using crypto solutions in the transport industry is nothing new. Some airlines already accept payments made in cryptocurrencies by their clients. This time we hear about another airline deciding to use blockchain technology to improve their services. On October 24th, in a press release AirCanada announced its participation in a decentralized, blockchain-based travel distribution platform founded by a Swiss startup called Winding Tree. The partnership has been officially revealed on AirCanada’s Twitter.

Winding Tree already collaborates with big players in the airline industry: Lufthansa, AirFrance-KLM, Swiss Air, Brussels Air, Austrian Airlines and Air New Zealand. It also have partners in other industries.

Airline background

AirCanda is the national Canadian airline and also the biggest one in the country. It provides passenger and cargo services and employs around 42,000 people. It carries almost 50 million passengers every year. A company of this size needs to be up-to-date with the best new technologies and that’s probably why AirCanada has decided to give blockchain a try.

Improving sale and making profit

Through the cooperation with Winding Tree, AirCanada is looking forward to improving the distribution of their services. Selling tickets and other products should now be easier and safer. Blockchain technology will also enable the airline to increase the profits. Keith Wallis, Air Canada’s Director of Global Product Distribution, called blockchain the ‘next generation technology’ and stressed the importance of developing it.

Blockchain for all

Blockchain-based platforms seem to work very well for many businesses. For example, this solution has already been explored by food retail industry. Now Canada’s biggest airline also adopts this idea. The decision has been a huge step towards the future development of blockchain technology. It seems like Canada has made crypto solutions a priority recently.


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