About US

Meet our team!

Kajetan Maćkowiak

Without his ideas, Blockchain24.co would never exist. Kajetan is the father of this website and the main motivator for our crew’s actions.

Adam Bicz

Adam is our co-founder. Without his technical skills Blockchain24.co would not exist. Adam is our number 1 programmer!

Barbara Wierzbicka

Basia is managing our team. Are you interested in advertising on our portal? Write to Barbara. Any comments or suggestions regarding also go to her.

Marcelina Łukaszewicz

head of journalists
She is one of the main editors in Blockchain24’s team. If you want to add your own article,
write to Marcelina.

Maja Mazur

Maja is our copywriter and translator. She writes news and other articles that later appear on our website.

Monika Całusińska

Head of Media Relations
She loves people and believes that an article is something more than letters put in a specific order. That’s why she investigates every subject and listens to somebody’s needs. Being a part of Blockchain24.co team, Monika wants to offer the highest quality services.