2017 summit!

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Another year has just passed. You have to admit, that this one was actually very lucrative for cryptotraders. We, as a Blockchain24.co team, can boast of too.

What about cryptocurrency world?

On one of the biggest, Bitcoin group on Facebook we asked a question: what was the major event/breakthrough of 2017 connected with cryptocurrencies? Almost all of the respondents voted for… here is a list:

  1. Record growth of BTC – On the January 2017, the price of Bitcoin was $963,06 according to coinmarketcap.com. Today, at 30th of December 2017 price hits $12 807,90. What does it mean? The price of Bitcoin increased over 1200% during almost 12 months! As a comparison, in 2016 the BTC price increased about 130%. The question is, what about the 2018 year? After the recent decrease of cryptocurrency, traders are feeling a little bit concerned. Is there another contender to a throne?  
  2. Hard fork  Bitcoin Cash – Bitcoin Cash became a pretty important cryptocurrency. A week after fork its value hit $213,49. Then, besides few moments of high, BCC was slowly decreasing. On November 9th, the price slowly started to grow to surprise us all on November 12th when rapidly jumped and reached $2380. From that time, the USD price for Bitcoin Cash was slowly increasing to reach its record position of $4081.
  3. Lightning Network – the main assumption of Bitcoin was to make quick and cheap transactions. As we already know, this assumption is no longer valid. Not only fees are very high, but lately, users had to wait about 4 days to make a transaction.And here comes a solution, December 28th the first transaction has been made on Mainnet. Maybe very soon Bitcoin will be fast and cheap again?
  4. Time of IOTA – as you can read in our article: “And what is the difference between Bitcoin and IOTA? Well, IOTA has no miners, transaction fees, blocks and their extractions. Thanks to its specific properties and new technology, IOTA enables new methods of using Blockchain technology.” In December its price increased over 400%.
  5. Bitcoin Market Capitalization – the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin has been noticeable for all of us during this year. Not only more countries’ government started to regulate the market, but also more people got to know about that. As a comparison, Market Capitalization of Bitcoin in January 1st was almost $15,5 billion. Now it is almost $219 billion.

summit blockchain24.co

But, as I mentioned earlier – not only this year was special for cryptocurrencies but also for our Team.

We have opened our information portal on August 7th with the first article about Bitcoin Cash hard fork. So we can say, as a result of hard fork something more than BCC had been born.

Soon, after that, we knew that Blockchain24.co was a very good decision. In September our portal was viewed almost 380 000 times. Next month the result was very satisfying as we recorded almost 750 000 pageviews. But it was just a start. In November we couldn’t believe our eyes. Our information portal was viewed over 1,9 million times! In December we’re almost reaching 2,5 million views. We achieved this result in only 4 months, often working late hours, devoting ourselves to create the page with news and tips about cryptocurrencies that would be viewed every day by almost 90 thousand users.

What is really important for us, is the fact that almost 93% of users return to us. It means that no matter if it was coincidence or intentional act – you really liked our page!

Still, we are aiming high. The best is in front of our team and we are ready to reach that point.

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