20 shops where you can pay with BTC


Main assumption for Bitcoin was to become the fastest and cheapest payment method, independent from governments and with limited amount of coins.

After few years it turned out that Bitcoin is not only a cryptocurrency but also is perceived as a trading assets due to the rapid change of its exchange rate. In case you would like to buy something for your bitcoins, here we are presenting the list of online stores in which BTC is accepted.

  • WordPress.com – an online platform to create your own blog or shop
  • Reddit – one of the biggest forums where you can find a lot of things about cryptocurrencies
  • Microsoft – you can fill in your wallet to buy products in online shop
  • CheapAir.com – on this site you can buy with BTC airline tickets, rent a car or a hotel
  • Expedia.com – if you would like to buy a trip, you can now do it via Bitcoin
  • Gyft – if you don’t have an idea for present, you can always buy gift card
  • Newegg.com – it’s an online electronics retailer
  • PizzaForCoins.com – do you remember the first purchase for BTC? Well, now you can do the same thing and buy a pizza for BTC
  • Shopify.com – via Shopify you can sell your products
  • LOT Polish Airlines – you can flight with LOT paying with cryptocurrency
  • MovieTickets.com – buy cinema tickets via Bitcoin
  • Save the Children – lately more charity organisations allows to donate with Bitcoin
  • That’s my face – it’s a great present, action figure with your face
  • Amazon – this company is very active if we are talking about blockchain technology and payments with cryptocurrencies. You can read more in our previous article -> CLICK
  • CEX – a trade-in stores with games, electronics and movies
  • Dell – one of the most popular companies that produces f.e. computers
  • Subway –  you can eat a delicious sandwich paying with BTC
  • Tesla – buying car with Bitcoin? Without a problem
  • OkCupid – for premium features on online dating site pay with cryptocurrencies
  • Lumfile – if you need to store files in a cloud, you can buy premium features with BTC

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