11 best memes about cryptocurrencies!

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Cryptocurrencies are more and more popular every day.

Digital money isn’t only the source of investments or payments. They become a topic of memes. Nothing strange, in the end, what comes to the Internet – stays on the Internet forever.

1. Satoshi Nakamoto – the creator of Bitcoin. Nobody knows who is hiding behind this mysterious nickname. At some point, users suspected that Dorian Nakamoto, a Japanese man is a real Satoshi Nakamoto. This convergence in names turned Dorian’s life upside down.

2. As the creator of Bitcoin hasn’t been found, a lot of people started to claim that they are real Satoshi Nakamoto. Still, nobody has been confirmed as a real one.

3. An exchange rate of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is changing rapidly. That’s why this meme is showing exactly how it works. Cryptocurrency market is opened 24 hours a day 7 days a week, in an opposite to the normal markets.

4. Cryptocurrencies are the safest kinds of money. They are based on blockchain technology which disclaims the possibility of double spent funds. What’s more, cryptocurrencies aren’t owned by any government or institution.

5. Cryptocurrencies aren’t held in normal, material wallets. They don’t take much space as they exist only in the form of programming language.

6. As you already know, the rapid changes of exchange prices are causing that cryptocurrencies are a good product to invest in.

7. Numbers from 4 to 6 are proving that cryptocurrencies can (some day) gazump fiat currencies.

8. As a high price of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin can please a lot of investors, as a drastic fall can upset lots of them too. Well, with Bitcoin you’ll never know. In one second you own over 8,000$ and the next one you lose 20% of it.

9. I guess this meme doesn’t need a comment ;).

10. At the beginning of Bitcoin, you could buy 2 slices of pizza for 10,000. Now for 1 BTC, you can buy almost 3,000 slices of pizza!

11. In the end, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies investors feel like Gods but are perceived by the society as hackers. Good news, this perception is changing.

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