10 facts about Bitcoins

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Do you think you know plenty about Bitcoins? Your vision on this dark matter will surely change by the time you get to the tenth fact.

1. A quick rise to fortune, bit by bit.

Since it was first marketed in 2009, Bitcoin has become one of the most important phenomena in the digital and economic world. Its price has gone up from only 2 cents (!) in 2010 to almost four thousand dollars today. For a single artificially created monetary unit to acquire a value of 1000 USD in only 5 years is an unprecedented economic (and historic) feat.

2. Those bits have superpowers.

Superpowers that leave supercomputers super-far behind. Bitcoin networks have a computing power of more than 2 million petaFLOPS per second (measure system of computer performance). Compared with the ultra-fast Bitcoin chain, the 500 most powerful supercomputers hardly reach 300 petaFLOPS/s.

3. What money can’t buy…

… Bitcoins can! Namely, you can use your Bitcoin wallet in many places in the hip areas of Manchester or Berlin. In the Netherlands, feel free to pay for your pizza using your Bitcoin account and – if only it’s a loaded one – it will also do if you want to drive the newest Lamborghini. This Italian brand was the first automotive company to accept Bitcoins in exchange for its luxury supercars. As we can see, their idea was so successful that other high-end manufacturers, like McLaren, followed suit.

4. Will we ever see real bitcoins?

It seems we won´t. At least in the near future. Alderney, the northernmost of the inhabited Channel Islands and a British Crown dependency, is the first jurisdiction to have announced plans to mint physical Bitcoins. Its Finance Committee chairman sought to diversify the island’s economy with a gold-backed version of the digital currency, but his innovative idea was quickly (and resolutely) turned down by the Royal Mint.

On the other side of the globe, in the US, a company that started to print physical Bitcoins had to shut up after the intervention of the federal government.

5. Are you afraid of invisible money?

There is an option for you, too! Vancouver in Canada is the first city to have come up with a Bitcoin cash machine.

6. When pigs fly, Bitcoins have already done so!

In 2016, a weather balloon with a Bitcoin paper wallet (and a GoPro, because ´no pics – didn’t happen´) attached to it was released to fly up into the clear skies. Once it reached the maximum possible altitude of 34 kilometers, Genesis Mining – an innovative Bitcoin cloud mining provide – made a transaction to the paper wallet and so the first Bitcoins flew into outer space.

7. If your Bitcoins can fly to outer space, so can you (but not without them!)

Virgin Galactic, the world’s first commercial spaceline, offers to fly you to the moon. Literally. All you need to fulfill this lyricised romantic wish of Frank Sinatra is guts and Bitcoins.

8. You would never suspect FBI owns 120 million USD in Bitcoins, would you?

However, it’s true. After shutting down the operations of the Silk Road – a secretive website used to trade all kinds of illegal items – The Federal Bureau of Investigation took possessions of the owner’s assets. Among them, there was an estimated worth of 120 million dollars in Bitcoins, which the domestic intelligence and security service of the United States never officially renounced or spent. A report from the Wired magazine claiming that FBI is one of the world’s wealthiest Bitcoin owners has been recently confirmed by other sources.

9. As we can see, money is not all.

Thailand is the first country to officially ban Bitcoin and it did so right at the time (in late summer of 2013) when its value was momentarily rising above the price of an ounce of gold!

10. Fact number ten. Not at all a random number.

It’s widely known that one percent of the people hold the same amount of value as does the rest of the world’s population. With Bitcoins, we can be a bit more precise. Only 10 lucky human beings walking on this Earth are in possession of the majority of cryptocurrency. Would you like to join them? The way is clear! What is the first step you’re going to take?

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